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My Review On The “Barbie” Movie

Here is my review on the “Barbie” movie.
I recently saw this movie and there was pink everywhere in the movie theater and you know that you’re in the right place when you see that. The movie was so great and the casting was brilliant. It was so diverse which is something that every movie should do. The outfits/costumes were beautiful and had such great color tones with its self and the surroundings they were in. The music was perfect for this and with the soundtrack already being out, I would sing along to it in my head. This movie was so inspiring and definitely brought me back to my childhood when I would play Barbies all day long with my sister. When it comes out on streaming I’m going to be watching it daily.
I’m going the rate the “Barbie” movie a 100/10
Definitely go watch the “Barbie” movie!


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