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My Review On HSMTMTS Season 4

My Review On HSMTMTS Season 4!

High School Musical is a great franchise that has produced so much talent with all their movies and their tv series. The last season of HSMTMTS definitely went out with a bang. The music was fantastic and the casting was just amazing. All of the songs that they have sung are so good that they will get stuck in your hand until you keep singing them. The outfits they were wearing this season, you can tell that their characters have evolved since season one. I have watched this show ever since it came out on Disney+ in 2019. So many amazing episodes were watched and now they have completed an amazing show that everyone loves. HSMTMTS will be missed by so many people who enjoy watching it when the new season comes out whenever it does. Thank you so much for producing, casting, and directing a great show.
“What team…Wildcats! Wildcats, Getcha Head In The Game”!
I rate the show a 100/10

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