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My Interview With Kinsley Stella

At what age did you start dancing?

KS: I started dancing in a “mommy an me” class when I was 18 months old and my first ballet class at 2. 

What’s your favorite style of dance to do?

KS: My favorite style of dance is probably lyrical but I also love a good “sassy Jazz”! 

Are you working on any projects that you would like to share?

KS: I am about to start my second season at The Academy at The Space TV which will have lots of exciting projects throughout the year. I also was invited to Abby Lee new show Season audition episode and am very excited to see what that leads to!

What’s your favorite store to shop at?

KS: I LOVE Shopping! Some of my favorite stores are Aviator Nation, Sephora and online at Tiger Friday

If you could star or guest star on any tv show what would it be?

KS: If it was still on it would be Dance Moms! My dream is to be on a tv show!

Do you support any charities or organizations?

KS:  I support the Ishan Foundation and give all my toys and clothes I have outgrown to Women in Need in Canada. 

How do you spread the love?

KS: I try to be a positive role model to younger dancers or girls who look up to me. 

What are your social media platforms that you would like to share?

KS: Instagram: @kinsleystella

Tik Tok: @kinsleystells_


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