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My Interview With Ava Qsar

Photographer: Rachelle Shank

At what age did you start dancing?

AQ: I started dancing when I was 4 years old and I have loved it ever since. 

What’s your favorite style of dance?

AQ:  My favorite style of dance is hip hop.  It is so fun and I love the energy 

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

AQ: I really would love to go to Bora Bora because all the pictures I see of it look beautiful and the water is so clear. It seems like such a fun place. 

What’s your favorite time of season?

AQ: Winter! I love rain and cold and anything to cozy up. It makes me happy 

Are you working on any upcoming projects?

AQ: Yes I started an organization called Bracelets to Battle. I am making bracelets for the kids in Choc Children’s hospital to put a smile on their face. All Money I raise on my go fund me account will be given to Choc along with the bracelets I made for the kids. 

Do you support any charities or organizations?

AQ: I support and help with my Choc Hospital and my Church 

How do you spread the love?

AQ:  I like to be nice to everyone. I love to encourage people and lift people up and say positive things. 

What are your social media platforms that you would like to share?

AQ: @avaqsar @braceletstobattle

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