My Interview With Madelyn Friedman


At what age did you start acting?

MF: I was 20 days old when I shot my first on-camera role as Baby Erica Kane on the series finale of “All My Children” on ABC. My mom brought me just a few weeks past c-section surgery after a friend had submitted a newborn photo of me without my parents even knowing! “All My Children” was looking for a brand new brunette with open eyes… and that’s been me ever since!  That’s me, the first 12 seconds, of the show! 

After “All My Children,” I had an agent and I went on lots of auditions, but at 3 years old, I got clingy so my parents stopped taking me to auditions. I loved performing shows for my family and dancing in recitals, but wouldn’t return to the cameras until I landed the most fun job ever – playing my 5-year-old self on “The Secret Life Of Kids” on USA Network!

What’s your favorite color?

MF: I love pink, but I also love purple and blue and turquoise. It’s so hard to just pick one!

What’s your favorite t.v show to watch?

MF: I really love “Fuller House” on Netflix and I just started watching “Full House” on Hulu from the beginning. I like all the crazy members of the Tanner family! I also love to watch “Sofia the First” and “Vampirina.”

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?

MF: “The Secret Life Of Kids” on USA Network was the best time I’ve ever had! I met so many amazing friends from all over and spent the summer of 2017 playing with them and our cool teachers. We got to do fun challenges and silly games. We also learned a lot about each other. We didn’t mind being filmed on hidden cameras because we were just being ourselves! The show aired in March on USA and you can watch all the episodes On Demand or on YouTube. I love re-watching the show and seeing how our summer was filmed. I got to celebrate my 6th birthday which was the last day of shooting, and everyone from cast to crew made me feel so special. The Secret Life Of Kids was the best!

What do you do on your free time?

MF: I like to dance – I do ballet and tap, and I like to sing! I am also taking piano lessons and I’m learning a lot … especially about how to work through challenges that are frustrating. I love to do art and I write a lot of stories. Playing games with my friends is my favorite thing to do at recess at school.

Do you support any organizations?

MF: My whole family is really passionate about dog rescues. We have a rescue dog, Princeton, and we educate everyone as much as we can about adopting animals. Remember, adopt, don’t shop! Homeless animals need you! Take your donations of towels and food and beds to rescue organizations or animal shelters to help these groups host the dogs-in-need. Remind your friends and family to support these organizations and shelters with donated goods or funds, but even better, by adopting an animal and giving it a good home!

How do you spread the love?

MF: It’s important to help everyone and be kind all the time. Anytime I see a friend who looks sad or hurt, I make sure to check in and offer a hug and help. Smiling is the best thing you can do for people. You never know who’s having a bad day, so if you just keep smiling, you might help someone feel a little better about themselves. Everyone is different and has different feelings and needs, but everyone can agree that kindness is all that matters.

Social Media:

Madelyn can be found on Instagram at @madelynfriedman  and is represented by Eris Talent Agency

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