My Interview With Rihley Sims





Photographer: Anita Lobsenz

At what age did you start acting and modeling?

RS: When I started acting I was 7 and doing local plays, and as I got older I wanted to get more in to it. I started modeling about a year ago and from then till now I’ve had so much fun doing it. I love modeling because I love fashion and I love modeling for my own clothes and other peoples clothes for inspiration

What’s your favorite store to shop at?

RS: I love shopping on my boutique, but if I had to choose a different store other than my boutique it would probably be Forever 21 I love all there unique and trendy styles.

Pool or ocean?

RS: I love both so much, but if I had to choose it would be the ocean. Every summer I go to the beach almost every day and I love the waves and I love to go boogie boarding. I go to the beach so much that I got used to the water and whenever I go in it doesn’t seem cold at all.

What’s your favorite season?

RS: No doubt, it is definitely summer. I love the sun, Whenever I see the sun it makes me happy and makes me wanna have some fun outside.

What do you do on your free time?

RS: On my free time I’m either playing video games with my friends, making or playing with slime, or having fun with my friends in person. I enjoy all of these activities because they usually make me laugh and I love to laugh.

Do you support any organizations?

RS: I support the brain tumor society, one of my very good friends that I met modeling had a brain tumor when she was younger, on my website it says 10% of the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House, and that is when she told my mom and I that she had a brain tumor, and we felt like our friendship was meant to be, and ever since then the brain tumor society has been a big part of my mom and I’s life.

How do you spread the love?

RS: I spread the love by greeting people, and sticking up for people. I learned that whenever you greet someone it makes them feel special  and important, and everyone deserves to feel that way. Everyone is different a unique, and just because people are different does not mean they should be treated differently.



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