My Interview With Coco Quinn


Photographer:  Headshottruck

At what age did you start acting and dancing?

CQ: I started dancing at age 2. I started acting at age 5.

What’s your favorite style of dance?

CQ: My favorite style of dance is Jazz.

Who is your role model?

CQ: There are too many people to choose from that have made this world a better place. I really can’t decide.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?

CQ: I have had the best time on set with THE MANI cast.

What do you do on your free time?

CQ: I Love taking my dog to be on a walk to the beach or to the park.

Do you support any organizations?

CQ: I’m not with an organization but with my family on some of the holidays we feed the homeless and give them gift packages.

How do you spread the love?

CQ:bBeing funny and not always so serious always makes people feel better.

Social Media:

Instagram: cocoquinn3

Twitter: cocoquinn3

YOUTUBE: quinnsisters


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