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I Just Got My First Job At Publix!

What I’m about to tell you is big for me and a big accomplishment to say the least. I just got my first job at Publix. This is something I have been working on being able to do for many years, to get a job. Now I feel like I achieved a big goal in my life. I have worked so hard with many people just to get where I am today. Having to be on the Autism Spectrum, this can be tough and have many challenges to it. I put my mind to it and knew I could do it. Being able to get a job, make friends, and achieve a big goal in life makes me feel very over joyed with happiness.

I recently just got first several pay checks and that is something that not everyone on the spectrum will be able to accomplish in life. Besides that, I even got a Thanksgiving gift and that was so generous of Publix to give it to me. With all this money I will be making I will be saving it up so I can go towards my next big dreams. I have seen so many different types of people of different ethnics, races, and languages so far that it has given me life lessons that people would like to witness. Being pushed by so many people that I know has definitely helped me get where I am today and being able to get my first job.

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  1. I feel really lucky to know Madisyn. It has been an honor to watch her kindness and determination as she has grown into the awesome woman she is today! ❤️

  2. Maddy- this is incredibly exciting! So proud of you for following your dreams & sharing your experience to get there!!! You definitely are breaking through glass ceilings! Proud of you & proud to know you! You spread the love & enthusiasm everywhere you go!!! Love, Jeannie

  3. Wow, you made me cry 😢 but of joy. I had know you, drive you to get ice cream. You had talk to me about your dogs in my SUV, and now I read this, trust me, trust me I know what you feel.

    Keep it up you can do this and a lot more.

    Your always driver,
    Marc Anthony

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