Dance Interviews

My Interview With Mila Renae

Photographer: Rena Durham

At what age did you start dancing?

MR: I started dancing at 4.5 years old

What’s your favorite style of dance to do?

MR: contemporary 

Are you working on any projects that you would like to share?

MR: I recently filmed something fun with Abby Lee 🤭

Who’s your role model?

MR: Dyllan Blackburn because she is really good at movement and technique

Do you support any charities or organizations?

MR: Not yet

How do you spread the love?

MR: I think I am very supportive of everyone and kind

What are your social media platforms that you would like to share? 

MR: @milasworld.ofdance on IG & @milasdancejourney on TikTok

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