Through Madisyn's Eyes

Coronavirus Pandemic

Everyone is freaking out over this virus and stocking up on groceries and supplies. It’s like the world is coming to an end or another Hurricane is coming. But, people need to still live their life, even though all of this is happening. Still wash your hands and be clean. Just don’t freak out like it’s your last day. The news seems to make it worse in ways for people. But, for some people it is just learning what is going on.

How am I handling this. I’m a little scared, but still trying to live my life. Still stocking up on groceries and the necessities that are needed. Just trying not freak out every couple of minutes and get an anxiety attack. Some people say the Flu is worse and some people say the Coronavirus is worse. You will never know. Just live your life. Always remember too wash your hands, stay clean, and exercise.

Stay Safe!

Be Clean!

Wash Your Hands!


Live Your Life!

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