Through Madisyn's Eyes


Welcome to the world of Madisyn! Friends come and go for everyone, but for me it’s about trust and respect. I’ve made friends throughout the years, but stayed connected with certain friends and made friendships that will last a lifetime forever. Also, my sisters are my best friends and will never be replaced even though they are related to me.

I have some great memories with friends that I’m going to share with ya’ll.
I met my friend Gabrielle in 5th grade and I was the new kid at school and we eventually became best friends instantly. We have so many memories together such as sleepovers, going to the mall, and hanging out. She is always there for me when I need to talk to someone.

I met my friend Jessica at cheerleading in 2009 and became such good friends instantly. We have such a good time together. I even took her to her first Tampa Bay Lightning game and the same day we got lost in Ikea and took pictures on the furniture and acted sneaky about it. We even go to concerts together and have a blast at the same time.

I met my friends Kelsey and Emma through my sister Brielle. PS: they are not sisters. We have gotten closer each year and always have a smile on our face when we are together. Kelsey always tells me that her cousin is Demi Lovato and Emma always tells me her cousin is Cameron Dallas, but I’m so gullible so I always believe it. That’s how close we are. Were just like sisters in a way no one will understand.

I met my friend Kate in 2013 and we instantly became such good friends. We FaceTime whenever we have time to talk. Good thing for phones these days. We even explored NYC together in the winter of 2018 and got to catch up and talk about the great times we had together. 2 years ago she visited me at my last house since she attended my Autism Walk which was so much fun and even better since she came to visit for the weekend.

I met my friend Katie when I first started cheerleading in 2006. We have stayed intouch ever since. We have so many memories together such as cheer competitions, sleepovers, and birthday parties. I remember when we played with my Littlest Pet Shop toys when she came over one day with her sister to hangout. Also, when I had my premiere party of High School Musical 2 and had friends come over to watch the movie on t.v and she came and had a great time enjoying the movie we all were a huge fan of.

I met my friend Celina in 5th grade and we were both new to the school and have stayed intouch ever since. We always talk about the memories we had from 5-7th grade. Now we just talk about life and what we have accomplished since then.

I’m glad to have such great friends that I trust, respect, and care about. They also do the same back. Not everyone is kind and generous in ways that they stay friends forever. Everyone comes and goes, but the good ones stay.

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