My Interview With Trinity Rose


At what age did you start singing?

TR: I started singing and writing songs very young, like age 4 but professionally at age 10.

If you could collaborate with anyone would who it be?

TR: oh wow probably Harry Styles or Lorde!

What’s your favorite holiday season?

TR: I love Christmas! I was born on Dec 27.

Where do you like to shop?

TR: I love Free People.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?

TR: My latest project is a song I wrote with one of my producers, Ian Sloane, called “Love Is The Only River’ inspired by #Team1RHR’s mission of peace, love & unity through positivity around the globe. 50 of my friends came together to donate their voices and record the song last weekend and the song and video will have a worldwide release on Nov 3 at their special fundraising event in Beverly Hills where many of us will sing it live on stage.

How do you spread the love?

TR: I think you have to live by example. Like the song says ‘if you love the world it’ll love you back’.

Do you support any organizations?

TR: I love the way you and your organization spreads awareness about autism and a message of love and acceptance. I love the inspiring @team1rhr mission statement and as many people who might follow me know I love with all my heart my one year old rescue puppy, Ronan, and encourage people to #adoptnotshop

What do you do on your free time? 

TR: What is free time?   I mostly write songs, perform and hang out with my friends and watch them and my favorite artists perform.

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