My Interview With Dylan Summerall


At what age did you start acting?

DS: I started acting at age 6

What’s your favorite song to listen to?

DS: It’s hard to narrow it down but a few would be 1. bleed it out by Linkin Park 2. Paradise by Big Sean and 3. The Man by Ed Sheeran

What’s your favorite sports team?

DS: Depends on what sport but for College football the Florida Gators all the way!

What’s your favorite video game to play?

DS: I love Mario kart, all my friends and I will get together and play for hours.

If you could guest star on any t.v show what show would it be?

DS: If I could guest star on any t.v. show I would have to pick either The Walking Dead or Teen Wolf.

What do you do on your free time?

DS: On my free time, I’ll go on my phone and watch YouTube videos, jam out to music, or go out with my friends to skate, swim, or play basketball

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