My Interview With Jordyn Starr Curet

At what age did you start acting?
Jordyn:  I started acting at age 5, I took some acting classes and did a few commercials.  At age 6, I was cast in a PSA on “Sustainability” where I had several lines and had my first experience on being on set for multiple days with a full production team.  It was the beginning of my love of acting and learning about becoming the whole character.

What’s your favorite t.v show to watch?
Jordyn: That’s a really hard question, since I am a huge fan of all the shows on the Disney Channel.  From Shake it Up, Austin and Alley, to Bizaardvark…I have grown up admiring the actors, memorizing their lines and songs. I recently had the opportunity to work on Bizaardvark.  It was such an amazing experience!!! And yes, my answer would be Bizaardvark!!

What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate?
Jordyn:  My favorite holiday would be Christmas!  I love every part of the holiday. From decorating to singing carols. The best part for me is celebrating the meaning of Christmas, spending time with my family, and most importantly giving back!  I have hosted Toy Drives, Book Drives and Clothing Drives during the Holidays and there is nothing like the feeling of giving back to our communities and those in need.

If you could star in any t.v show or movie what would it be?
Jordyn: I would have to say Annie. I would love to star in the next re-make. I grew up watching the movie and know the soundtrack by heart.  My goal would be to appear in a movie and have the opportunity to sing and act in one.  I love music and movies, so to me, that would be the perfect combination for my future goals.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
Jordyn:  It would defintely have to be playing Savannah on Bizaardvark.  The time I had with the entire cast and production team was amazing.  The director was so encouraging and taught me things I have never learned in class.  It was incredible to see how the show was edited and how it came together after days of shooting different scenes.  It really was an Incredible project.

What do you do on your free time?
Jordyn: Lately, it would have to be Slime Making.  I also enjoy tennis, playing basketball, riding my bike and hanging out with my friends.  If I could pick my favorite place to go, it would be the beach!  I love the ocean waves, the sand, searching for seashells and late night bon fires.  I also enjoy going to the mall, theater, and museums.  Learning new things is my style.

Do you do any volunteer work?
Jordyn:  Yes I am a huge believer in giving back and volunteering in our communities.  Since I was very young, I have participated along with other organizations in various community efforts.  I also enjoy raising money for various charities as well.  I have worked with Ronald McDonald House Charities, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Alzheimers Foundation, Childrens Hospital of LA, Shriners Hospitals, to American Red Cross.  I have recently decided to take my passion for helping others to the next level by officially forming my own non-profit, Jordyn’s Joy.   Where Friends helping Friends begins with me!

Photo creds:
Shandon Photography
Wardrobe: Zara Kids

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