My Interview With Sean Ryan Fox

At what age did you start acting?

SRF: I got my first agent when I was 8 1/2 years old and booked my first commercial on my 9th birthday, It was 3 months from getting my first agent and then I booked my second commercial 2 months after that in November for McDonald’s.

Who would you like to guest star on Henry Danger?

SRF: My favorite actor, Robert Downey Jr, and it could work too. He plays Iron man who is also a super hero. He could come in and help Captain Man fight crime against some criminal.

What’s your favorite holiday season?

SRF: I love the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. Thanksgiving is about being “Thankful” and being with family. Christmas is about sharing and giving and also spending time with family and friends. 

What’s your favorite type of candy?

SRF: I really don’t eat candy. But I do like bubble gum. Gum helps me concentrate when I have to focus on school or my script. 

If you could guest star on any t.v show what show would it be?

SRF: Gotham. It is my favorite show and I really like all of the characters and actors, it would be awesome to work with them. It is also a great super hero show that has a darker side back story twist to all of its characters.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?

SRF: Henry Danger. I like that it is a super hero show, that has action and stunts in it. The cast and crew are fantastic and we are all like one big family. It makes it fun to go to work, especially on the long shoot days.

What do you do on your free time?

SRF: I like to be home with my dogs. Each of them have a different personality and I love all of them. They give me a great work out just playing with them. They are like playing around with little kids, and sometimes very mischievous.

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