My Interview With Johnny Orlando At The Boys Of Summer Tour In Orlando 2016

What are you looking forward to being apart of this tour?

JO: I’ve never really been apart of a really big tour like this and it’s like 15 dates and i’m really excited for that. Sleeping on the tour bus and hanging on the tour bus. So that’s pretty cool.

What’s your favorite song that you would love to sing on tour?

JO: My favorite song that I like to sing on tour is probably the one that I just released my song Let It Go.

Will you be debuting an any new music?

JO: In upcoming months we will be recording lots of songs and we will be releasing one. So stayed tuned for that!

What are you most excited for about being on tour?

JO: Probably meeting new people and perfuming in front of you!

Do you like going on tour and traveling the world?

JO: I love it, it’s pretty cool meeting you people that support me day in and day out. It would something I would be doing the rest of my life.

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