My Interview With Michael Campion


At what age did you start acting?

MC: I started acting around 5 years old at a community theater called The Magic Curtain.

Who would you like to guest star on Fuller House?

MC: I think it would be awesome if Johnny Depp could guest star on Fuller House. I am a big fan and I want to meet him really badly!

What’s your favorite video game to play?

MC:Well I play a ton of games, but I think my favorites are Assassins Creed and Undertale.

What’s your favorite movie to watch?

MC: Wow thats a tough question. I gotta say any of  the James Bond movies with Daniel Craig

What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?

MC: I would have to say either the The Force Awakes, or The Phantom Menace.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?

MC: Fuller House for sure is my favorite project so far. I think this will be my favorite forever.

What do you do on your free time?

MC: In my free time, I mainly play video games when I have the time.  Other than that, I love to go Airsofting and I take Ju Jitsu.




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