My Interview With Mia Dinoto

At what age did you start gymnastics?

Mia: I started doing gymnastics when I was 3 years old. I was in a Mommy and me class at a small gym. My parents didn’t know anything about team gymnastics. The owner of the gym told my parents I was really good at 6 years old and that we should look for a new gym that has a competitive team. It was nice of him to tell us to look for a competitive team! I never had a pre-team to start off with.

What’s your favorite skill/tumbling pass to do?

Mia: My favorite event is floor because I like dancing and tumbling. My favorite skill is anything flipping!! I love when I learn a new skill.

If you couldn’t do gymnastics for a year what would you do?

Mia: I would do dancing or acting! I love making my own choreography and acting! I would love to be a dancer or an actress. I would also love to learn how to train animals!

Who’s your favorite Youtuber?

Mia: Baby Ariel is my favorite Youtuber! She is really funny and nice!  I like funny, nice and creative you tubers!  Of course, I also love my friends that are youtubers!!

Who would you like to do a Youtube video with?

Mia: I am planning to meet up with Txunamy to do a youtube video. She is so cute and nice. I want to teach Txunamy gymnastics and Txunamy and her Mom will teach me fashion!

What’s your favorite t.v show to watch?

Mia: Big Brother. I watch it with my family and we find it funny.

What do you do on your free time?

Mia: Play with my dogs, hang out with my friends and create videos!

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