My Interview With Juju Brenner


At what age did you start acting?

JB: 2 months. I played a newborn baby in a Samsung commercial.

What’s your favorite Disney movie? JB: Frozen because I love Elsa and Anna.

What’s your favorite animal? JB: Tiger and Zebra What’s your favorite color? JB: Pink, Golden & Rainbow

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?

JB: I Guest Starred in a “Funny Or Die” episode called “Whats So Scary About Common Core”. Kate Flannery (The Office), and Brian Husky (Children’s Hospital) played my parents. They were so funny.  I had a funny fake mustache and a aluminum foil helmet they put on me as part of the story. It was really funny and silly and we were laughing the whole time and making jokes. When it came out it got a million views in a few days and I was on the cover of the Washington Examiner. It was really cool.

What do you do on your free time?

JB: Play with my sister Mila, Dance, Swim, hang out at the pool. Watch videos on youtube and eat ice- cream.

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