My Interview With Ben Stillwell

At what age did you start acting?
BS: I started acting at the age of 9 back in Jacksonville Florida.

If you could guest star on any t.v show what show would it be?
BS: To be honest, I would have loved to be on The Office when it was on, but at the moment, I would be really honored to get  the chance to work on House of Cards.

What’s your favorite sport to watch on t.v?
BS: I actually am not a big sports guy, but I do watch football with the family sometimes when we are all gathered around!

What’s your favorite movie to watch?
BS: My favorite movie of all time is definitely There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day Lewis from 2007. Its easily my favorite performance ever and I am such a big Paul Thomas Anderson fan.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
BS: It is kinda hard to say all time favorite, but as of the most enjoyable set so far that I just feel very comfortable on is Murder in the First. The first episode starts on the 19th of this June, but I always feel like every scene I get to do with Currie Graham and Jamie Luner I just learn so much. The directors change quite frequently, but there has yet to be a director I haven’t absolutely loved.

What do you do on your free time?
BS: In my free time I actually love anything cerebral. Puzzles, escape rooms, board  games all are something I enjoy very much. In terms of physical activity, I still am a very active participant in Parkour and Free Running, and have been for about 7 years.

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