My Interview With Mila Brenner

At what age did you start acting?

MB: 4

Would you rather live in a tree house or a pent house?

MB: Penthouse for sure! Im a city gal, love anything Urban,  i enjoy the sites and hustle & bustle of a big city ,  i do love the rural country side & nature for travel and such  , but  a Penthouse with gorgeous views where you can see the sun set and rise and the city lights glistening, never gets old.

What’s your favorite place that you’ve visited?

MB: I’m pretty obsessed with NY, i was there last year on work and then me and my Mom  took a bunch of days off post it to explore the big apple. I mean -between the architecture, the art & museums, Broadway shows, Central Park, the eclectic food, cool stores and amazing unique people on the streets, you really feel inspired and alive. It has an infectious energy.

If you could guest star on any t.v show what show would it be?

MB: The Walking Dead. Or American Horror Story.  Im a huge fan . Two excellent , fantastically written cable dramas. I do tend to like  the macabre

On a confessional note, i’m a RHOBH & RHONY fan, i know its silly but it could be fun to guest star as myself on one of them. Ha ha. I think i’m sounding like a crazy fan, but its for real.

What’s your favorite color?

MB: White, Black & Blue

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?

MB: I truly enjoy each thing i do. Im blessed i get to do what i love and work in a variety of things i have a passion for from TV shows to Movies , Animation, VO , Music , Dance and Modeling. I love it all. Cant pick one it would be like picking your favorite child. Its not possible.

What do you do on your free time?

MB: I Dance a lot, sing, write songs and music, play my piano, guitar & drums, I make little fun videos with my baby sister either opening blind boxes or dancing,

I hang out with friends and family, go to the movies, the beach, cook eat & travel

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