My Interview With Elle Campagna

At what age did you start acting?
EC: When I was 4 years old

What’s your favorite job that you’ve done?
EC: The short film Dodo Titi. It was a lot of work but everyone made it so fun for me. And everybody (cast and crew of 26) got to stay in a big house in the countryside and a huge backyard all together! By the end of the 1st day they felt like family. Oh and I had an actor dog – named Biscuit. I got to play with him a lot.

What’s your favorite Disney movie?
EC: I have 3. They are Tangled, Frozen and Toy Story

What’s your favorite t.v show?
EC: I have 3 – they are Blaze & Monster Machines, Little Einsteins and Paw Patrol.

What do you do on your free time?
EC: Gymnastics, Dress up, chorus, playdates with friends, Legos and Minecraft.

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