My Interview With Zackary Arthur

At what age did you start acting?
ZA :My first job was when I was in kindergarten. I was 6.  I was in a Burlington Coat Factory commercial and it was my first interview ever. I was asked if I could ice skate and I said “yes, I think so.”  So, My mom took me ice skating after that interview and I did it and had fun. So, at the callback I told them I went ice skating and I got the job. The next job was an awesome short film called “Turned.” It is in a festival in France right now. It was where really began to learn about film making and the crew taught me a lot. The directors, producers and the person that played my mom did too. It was really interesting and that’s how it all started.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
ZA: I love every single role that I have played for a different reason.
The Fifth Wave is so exciting and amazing! Working with everyone was incredible. Every single person was so nice to me and I mean everyone in front of the camera and everyone that worked on it.  So many people worked so hard in this movie.  I am so happy I am Sammy because I feel like I am that character in real life. I have an older sister, Hayley and she is in college, and she looks a little bit like how I pictured Cassie at the audition so it was perfect. I also have a brother that is only one year older than me and we are also really close. Aiden is an actor too (he even went out for Sammy but we are happy for each other when we both get things. He does a lot of work too… He books a lot of commercials.  We are almost like twins but he has lighter hair and he is an all star baseball player. OH! One important thing-  It was also a really fun experience to meet Rick Yancey and his family. My family are big fans of his books!

Please Don’t Come Back From the Moon with James Franco, Rashida Jones, and Jeffrey Wahlberg- I just finished working on that. I play Franco’s son and it was an amazing acting experience for me. I loved it. It was a small cast and really taught me so much.

Transparent is a series and my part is small but I love the actors and have learned so much from the director and the actors by being a part of the show. It’s my second season.

Best Friends Whenever was just a blast and playing young Naldo was so much fun! I also love Salt and Vinegar chips.  I think Ricky Garcia and Nick Robinson look a lot alike and they are both so nice.

PALS is a webseries coming out soon and it is really fun. It’s for kids but older people like it too. It’s about friendship. It’s basically a 21st Century Little Rascals and teaches kids good ways to handle difficult situations. Different people I have worked with in different series and films are in it and it’s fun to work with them. Zachary Gordon (Diary of a Whimpy Kid) is the director of PALS.

If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring?
ZA: My family- My dogs- and my hoverboard.

What’s your favorite sport?
ZA: bike riding, hoverboarding, baseball, basketball and soccer… And talking- ha ha that isn’t a sport tho.

What do you on your free time?
ZA: Go to acting classes, learn lines, play with my dog, do homework, read books, do chores- draw, play some playstation 4- The new Star Wars Game, and my favorite, hang out with my friends  and family too.

Do you like to play pranks on set?
ZA: YES!!!! Rick Yancey was doing an interview and I snuck up behind him and said “boo!” He got me back later. ha ha. He’s super cool.

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