My Interview With Owen Vaccaro



At what age did you start acting at?

OV: I started acting when I was 7.  I began doing musical theater.  Then, I did a few commercials.  This led to some small parts in  small movies.  That experience helped me to get some bigger roles.

What’s your favorite t.v show to watch?

OC: I love lots of different shows.  I LOVE animals so Wild Kratts.  I also love Jesse.  I’m obsessed with Tanked.   It’s all about building cool fish tanks.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?

OV: I’ve really loved all the projects I’ve done for different reasons.  I loved working on Daddy’s Home because it was my first big movie role and I met Scarlett Estevez who is one of my best friends now.  We lived in New Orleans for 3 months and that was a blast.  The set for that movie was awesome!  I also loved working on Mother’s Day because there were tons of kids and the Assistant Director made that set really fun.

What’s your favorite video game?

OV: Favorite video game…easy….Minecraft.  I play a ton!  When I’m filming and we have a break, if I’m not doing school, I’m playing Minecraft.

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