My Interview With Chloe Keskinen

At what age did you start acting?
CK:Well, it’s a fun story. My first audition I was 13 days old. My mom got a call from a friend who had a daughter in commercials. Her agent needed a baby for the Meet the Fockers movie. It was my dad’s favorite comedy at the time so my mom took me. She has my set pass in my baby book. But over the next few years people asked my parents if I could be in ads and a kids video. My parents saw how much fun I had on set so when I was 4 I finally got an agent and I’ve been working and having a blast ever since.

What’s your favorite t.v show to watch?
CK:This is a hard one because there are so many good shows but my top 3 are Ellen, H20 & Project Runway.

Would you like to guest star on one of your favorite t.v shows?
CK:As a actress, I’d like to be on a Soap Opera. Days of Our Lives would be fun. I know a few current and former actors from that soap and I think it would be such a fun work set. But I’d also really like to be on Ellen. She’s a hero of mine because of all her charity work.
Helping others is super important to my family. We spend 10-20 hours a week volunteering and raising money for different charities.I’d like to thank Ellen for inspiring people to be kind to others and for the support and encouragement she gives. She’s amazing.

Would you like to be in a music video?
CK:Oh Yes!!!! I love music. My hope one day is to be in my own music video. I’m always singing. Since I’m not a singer yet, it would be so cool to be in one of Taylor Swift’s videos. She is not only a great performer but also a giving person much like Ellen. Taylor is always giving back to her fans and that make a me like her even more.

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